Every student is on a path, and our new Liberal Arts Gateway courses prepare each of them for a journey to a healthy, productive, engaged life. You can easily find LA Gateway-designated courses by looking at the Course Note in ACC’s online schedule.

Here’s our lineup for Spring, 2020:

Composition I

  • ENGL1301.94747.131, “The Self and Society,” taught by Allegra Villarreal (ONL, 16-week)
  • ENGL1301.94778.177, “Exploring American Identities, taught by Louisa Spaventa (SAC, 12-week)
  • ENGL1301.94761.149, ENGL1301.94733.114, “Technology and Critical Inquiry,” taught by Susan Meigs (HLC, 16-week)
  • ENGL1301.94659.016, “Hot Topics and Cool Heads,” taught by Wendy Lym (EVCX, 16-week)
  • ENGL1301.94669.027, “Academic Inquiry and Democratic Engagement,” taught by Chris Berni (HLC, 16-week)
  • ENGL1301.94681.039, “I am Social Justice,” taught by Diane Whitley-Grote (EVC, 16-week)
  • ENGL1301.94705.071, ENGL1301.94729.109, “Dignity and Global Human Rights,” Carla Coleman (NRG, 16-week)
  • ENGL1301.94730.110, “Ethics and the Art of Persuasion,” Heidi Juel (CYP, 16-week)
  • ENGL1301.94682.040 (EVC), ENGL1301.94758.145 (ONL), “Food as Narrative,” taught by Jenifer Hernandez

Composition II

  • ENGL1302.94852.076 taught by Arun John (SAC)
  • ENGL1302.94879.110 taught by Wendy Lym (DIL)
  • ENGL1302.94875.105 taught by Wendy Lym (EVC)
  • ENGL1302.94851.075 taught by David Dettmer (RVS)
  • ENGL1302.94954.192 taught by Carla Coleman (NRG)
  • ENGL1302.95022.272 taught by Carla Coleman (NRG)
  • ENGL1302.95039.701 taught by Heidi Juel (CYP)
  • ENGL1302.94790.007 taught by Heidi Juel (CYP)
  • ENGL1302.94892.125 taught by Heidi Juel (CYP)
  • ENGL1302.94792.009 taught by Heidi Juel (CYP)
  • ENGL1302.95005.253 taught by Stacey Stover (RRC)
  • ENGL1302.94655.012 taught by Sean Nighbert (DIL)
  • ENGL1302.94939.175 taught by Sean Nighbert (HYS)
  • ENGL1302.94979.221 taught by Sean Nighbert (HYS)
  • ENGL1302.94801.018 taught by Caryn Newburger (HLC)
  • ENGL1302.94970.212 taught by Caryn Newburger (HLC)

Each LA Gateway course is built around a theme that grew out of a professor’s unique interests, expertise, and passion for the discipline — and from a desire to bring that discipline into conversation with our communities and the world today. Course themes are reinforced by relevant learning activities and intellectual work to enhance engagement, leadership, and success — not just in a single course, but in their chosen pathway, wherever that might lead. Through course experiences, students have opportunities to enhance their “intellectual character,” through the development of habits of thinking characteristic of scholarship in the liberal arts. These are the very skills and habits employers talk about when they say they want liberal arts students — but the liberal arts is for everyone! (Just look at the core!)

I want to end by acknowledging Dr. Judy Sanders, chair of the English department, for her support for the LA Gateway initiative and for the English faculty involved.

Special thanks to Arun John, co-chair of the LA Gateway Committee and chair of the English LA Gateway workgroup. My sincere thanks to the members of the English LA Gateway workgroup for being the first group of faculty to work on this project, and especially for making this dream a reality.

And of course, my thanks to the professors who created these courses! You can see their passion and expertise in their titles. These writing courses set a high bar, and our students are the beneficiaries!

Stay tuned! More great LA Gateway courses are on the way!