First, in case you haven’t heard about Excursions, let me catch you up. Each semester the LA Gateway hosts events that are the opposite of extracurricular: These are events designed to move students from the study of liberal arts in their classes into a larger world where liberal arts forms the foundation for intellectual and creative work.
This spring, the theme for our Excursions series is “Art and Adaptation,” using James’s novella, The Turn of the Screw, as a case study. Here’s the announcement on our Gateway site:
We’re encouraging Gateway faculty and students to read James’s novella and experience two additional works of art inspired by that “original,” a film and an opera. Our first Excursion experience is coming soon, at the end of February. The opera workshop of the Butler School of Music is performing Benjamin Britten’s chamber opera, The Turn of the Screw, and I have 20 free tickets, courtesy of the Butler School of Music, for our Gateway students, for the performance Thursday, February 27, 7:30 to 9:45 PM. The performance will be in the McCullough Theater on the UT Campus. (There are two other performances; see the Butler School of Music announcement for details.)
I will be holding a drawing for these 20 free tickets on Monday, February 17. If you have students who are interested in one of the free tickets, please have them email on their ACC student email account and include the following information:
Subject heading: Britten Opera Excursion
Student’s name
LA Gateway course
Phone number
Entries must be received no later than Monday, February 17 at 12:00 noon.
I will notify students of the ticket winners the evening of Monday, Feb 17. Students must confirm with me within 48 hours that they are able to attend the performance. I will continue to draw names from the entries if students do not confirm, until there are no more tickets.
Thank you for supporting the LA Gateway!